Changes to the League of Legends Riot Store!

What did Riot change in the Store?

In this blog we will discuss the remake of the League of Legends Store. This story is based on the video you can watch above. So if you don’t like reading I would recommend you to watch the movie which is only about 12 minutes long. If you stop reading now, don’t forget to leave a comment after you finished the movie with some recommendations on new stories and facts you would like to know. So last time we discussed the changes that have been made to store regarding the Hextech Chests & Keys. These were actual drastic changes that brought new features to the player, this time it is a remake of the design of the Store. So what did Riot change? In the video you can see a visualization of the Store before the remake and after the remake to get a good impression about what has changed. First of all, they changed the tabs in the Riot Store. Before the remake the tabs were found on the sides, now they changes this to the top. This actually makes everything so much easier to find. If you are looking for a champion you can click on the champion button, for skins you go to skins etc. Next, they added a selection of top champions that were frequently sold. Moreover, they did the same for top selling skins. This way you can have a look which skins are trending at the moment, and make sure that you are following it! All together they made a total remake of the looks. All champions have been given some extra space, which simplifies the process of searching for a specific champions. They also made it easier for the user to acquire Riot Points. In the video you can see that the button to purchase rp is now on the right top. Simply click on it to continue buying Riot Points. Once you’ve clicked the button you will find that multiple payment options you can use to acquire your points. However, you can also decide to buy a Prepaid card in the regular gaming shop, which can be redeemed at this exact same place! Goodluck everyone!

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