How to get Free RP?

In this blog we will answer the question that every League of Legends player has been asking himself atleast once during it’s game time. How to get Free RP? It’s the stunning question where everyone seeks an answer for. Even though the answer is not always as straight forward as we expect there are some ways that people can exploit to get League of Legends RP; this is used in League of Legends in the official Riot Store. It can be used to buy all items available besides runes. Having access to all these items will increase the range of champions and skins you can choose from in the game. This will not instantly improve your gameplay, however it does give you the option to try many new champions. Which in turn will give you the opportunity to find the champion that suits your gaming style.

free rp

If you you like to obtain Free Riot Points I would recommend you to visit this is an user friendly site it’s save to use. Thus, free from any virus and other harmfull malware that can infect your computer. Moreover, it shows an exact on site description on how to redeem your lol code in the Riot Store. It’s pretty easy to get your code! Just follow my lead. If you simply click on the link you find below you will get redirected to the website your you can get your free code in less than a few minutes.

Once you get your code you will have to logg in into your League of Legends account. In the store you will find an option where you can redeem the code. Copy the generated digits here and click on the accept button below. If the code has not been used before your account will be credited with Free RP. From here you can start spending and buy all the items you want!

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