Recent updates for the RP Generator

Welcome bloggers to the lastest new flash on the Riot Points Generator! It is evident that this site has grown in popularity! Many new gamers are coming here to seek that opportunity to buy new champions and skins without actually have to spend real money. In order to make the journey more pleasent we’ve updated our gen. With the updates we visioned that it should be very simple and easy to use. And therefore we focused all our time and effort to simplify the existing process. Now it has become increasingly easy for all dedicated League of Legends players to boost their Riot Points in game without the need for a creditcard or online payment method. It works as follows, on this site anyone can generate a Free Riot Points Code. Once you’ve acquired this code you are only one step away of adding the points to your LoL Account. Instead of the need for an online payment method like Paypal or a Creditcard, these cards can be exchanged without any money involved. So if you don’t have access to any kind of online payment method, today is the day for you to get Free Riot Points! So let’s continue. Once you’ve received the code, you will have to fill in the digits in the Riot Store. Click on add RP. It’s the plus you can find on the right top corner since the update. Here you can enter multiple methods, you should click on redeem a prepaid card and fill in the code here. That is how simple it actually is. So if you would like to try out the RP Generator, just continue through this link. Choose the amount of RP you would like to receive and start the process for you to buy awesome new champions, skins, Hextech chests etc!

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