The newest facts about League of Legends.

Spend your Free Riot Points on Hextech Chests & Keys!

In this blog I will introduce some great new features of League of Legends. I will start of with the Store. By now most League of Legends players know that RP can be used in the Store to buy multiple new champions or skin upgrades for your characters. New champions and skins are added every week, however an upgrade for the design and features where long postponed. But this has changed today, Riot added the Looting and crafting inventory. It is a great new feature, as it is really rewarding players that are performing well during a game. For example, when you performed well in a game you can earn a key fragment. Once you’ve earned three key fragments you can forge them into one real key to open a Hextech Chest. The chest can also be gained during playing, sometimes when you performed well you will just get a chest. If you open the chest it can contain a new champion or skin. This could be a legendary one or a regular. You can choose whether you would like to keep it, or you can disenchant it to gain shards. These shards are needed to make an item you get from a chest permanent and add it to your inventory. There are two kinds of shards, one is used for champions while the other one is used for skins.  The shards will bring us to our new subject, The new mastery levels!

How to get Master level 7 in League of Legends. 

When you’ve earned many mastery points one of the champs in the game, you will automatically earn mastery level 5. This holds that you will get an emblem during loading time, moreover you can use Control + 6 to show your mastery emblem during the game, to show that you are a skilled player. Well that’s great but most players won’t come any further than the level 5 mastery, because it requires specific actions to get to level 6 and 7. This is how it works, and it is linked to the new crafting system. Once you’ve reached mastery level 5, you will get a Mastery token if you get a Grading: S during a game. For example, if you’ve reached mastery level 5 with Vayne and you are getting the S grade during your next game you will receive one mastery token. Once you have gained two tokens you can combine them together with 600 Blue essences to upgrade your champion to the next mastery level. Once you’ve reached level 6 you will need 3 mastery tokens, acquired in the same way to upgrade your champion to mastery level 7. Noted, that it will only stick to one champion. Now in order to get Blue essences you will need to get champions from the hextech chests. Disenchant a few champions and you will reach the amount of 600. The funny thing is that it is really hard to acquire without spending money on it.

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